Cyber Camp Summer 2018

Applications for the cyber summer camp, which will take place between 2-7 July 2018, have started.


In addition to the cyber security training, the participants of the Cyber Camp will have the opportunity to participate in IT law, network concepts and industry-related events.


Free BÜSİBER Cyber Summer Camp registrations have started for university students. This event will be held under the trainings of the respected name of the Cyber Security sector, Fatih Emiral, Assoc. Dr. Bilgin Metin, BÜSİBER penetration test team and  distinguished names in the sector; Participants will learn the basics of penetration tests, the working principles of the tools used, the basics of web applications, systems and networks step by step. After the basic education, they will learn the tools used in the industry on realistic systems and learn what is happening in the background of these tools. Thus, after receiving this training, they will have an infrastructure that will take them further.

Click to download the syllabus.


Latest registration: 17 June 2018 | 23:59

Online exam: June 18, 2018 | 21:00

Second stage exam: July 1, 2018 (will be held at Boğaziçi University)


NOTE: The training will be between 9.00-18.00 on 2-7 July 2018.