Crimes committed towards information systems or crimes committed using information systems, leave traces on these systems. In addition, traces of these crimes can be observed regarding these activities within system memory and network.Often, commercial digital forensic solutions are necessary in order to obtain permanent and temporary traces of crime traces within information systems. The reasoning behind this is the magnitude of the data and the examination of this data within a reasonable time period not being possible manually. Commercial solutions hide many technical details from users in order to provide easy use. However, the users’ lack of basic technical knowledge leads to the limitation of their expertise and the ability to develop effective solutions to possible problems. The goal of this training is to get across the basic technical knowledge regarding computer and network analysis. Thus, participants will be able to determine intervention methods more accurately and make more efficient tool investments.


It is beneficial for participants to have knowledge of basic disc structure, file system, Unix and Windows operating systems and TCP/IP network in order to gain the most from the training. Participants with less technical knowledge will have the opportunity to learn the basic expertise areas of digital forensics from the conceptual parts of the training programme.


Information security and information technology risks, control and audit experts, law personnel who need digital forensics, system and network experts can participate.

2 days