Cyber Penetration and Vulnerability Testing Services

Sızma  Testleri

Our penetration  test service is to determine the vulnerabilities  in information systems and to find  unauthorized entry points in the system in accordance with the customer's demand and approval. The main purpose of this service is to enable hackers to detect and recover  existing vulnerabilities before any hacking attemt. After penetration  test,  a technical report is presented. The  Report also includes an executive summary  for  senior management. One aspect of penetration testing is social engineering. The aim of these studies is to increase the awareness of information security within the organization. Our cyber penetration  test service is provided in our ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified laboratory which takes the utmost care to protect the personal data. Our penetration tests are carried out by experts who have the certificate of penetration test approved by Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). The penetration test is carried out according to the standard criteria defined by the methodology defined in the TS 13638 standard.